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When developingthe first surface in the ZOWIE TF-series, our focus was to provide a cloth mousepad with the feeling of a smooth plastic mousepad, meaning lightly textured. Plastic pads was at that time preferred for the performance and feeling they provided, but they wore down quickly and were generally limited in terms of transportation, so cloth mousepadsbecame more and more popular due to the lower price, bigger size and possibility for easy transportation.
Plastic mousepads has generally been categorized into two different types, smooth and rough. Both providing somewhat the samespeed and performance, but with a completely different feeling during use.
So far gamers have only been able to experience the light texture of the TF-speed, but we are looking to change that now with the introduction of our new TF-rough surface, which have been designed for gamers who prefer a heavily textured surface.
In the process of preserving the low friction recognized from the TF mousepads, we have gone through more than 50 different processes during development, including temperature, pressure and other adjustments. SpawN conclusively chose the surface that he feltprovided the best feeling. Így is ismerheti: G TF Speed, GTFSpeed, G-TFSpeed
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