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Alioth is the brightest star in the constellation of Ursa Major. The word &ldquoAlioth origins from the ancient word "Alyat", which means &ldquofat tail of the sheep. Alioth has a very weak magnetic field for its type of star and the magnetic poles separates different elements in the stars hydrogen fuel. This phenomena causes Alioth to have very strange spectral lines. The spectral lines has been implemented in the design of the surface to avoid data losses in chaotic situations.

Next generation of coated mouse pad, suitable for all type of gaming. The surface is made of a extremely smooth cloth to allow user do exact and precise movements. Backside is made of a rubber-based material offering a combination of firm grip and great performance. Alioth 320 is the ultimate mouse pad for players who likes to play with high sensitivity without loosing control over the movements.

     New developedcoating
      New developed coating for maximum glide
     Optimized for gaming
      Optimized dimensions for high mouse sensitivity
     Rubber-based backside
      Backside is made of a rubber-based material with a ribbed pattern to improve the grip
     Unique design
      The unique striped design improves the sensor performance and reduces data loss
     3 mm thickness
      3 mm thickness smoothens out the differences irrespective of the surface under the
      mousepad Így is ismerheti: Alioth320
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